CAD Drafting &

AutoCAD Conversion


CAD or Computer Aided Design has been a boon to Architects, Engineers, Drafters and Artists since the 1980s. Widely used for creation, modification and analysis of a design, CAD Software has brought about betterment in design quality and ease of communication and documentation thereby raising productivity in many industry sectors.

CAD Drafting Services

A skilled CAD Draftsman is key in translating sketches from designers to technical drawings. However, not every organization may have in-house personnel or software at their disposal. Hiring CAD drafting services is then the best option wherein Drafters use CADD Software to digitize designs and schematics as per given specifications.

CAD output is delivered include Drawings (2D files) or Models (3D files). Common file formats include .DWG, .DXF, .DGN, and .STL

AutoCAD Conversion Services

Similarly, conversion of existing drawings either on paper or soft copies (in TIFF, JPG or PDF) can be converted to AutoCAD for further usage and editing. Conversions are full-scale 1:1, dimensionally accurate and layered to match the original documents.

Paper to AutoCAD conversion or PDF/Scanned image to AutoCAD conversion are commonly sought after in Singapore by Construction companies, Elevator Companies, A & A Contractors, Interior Designers and so on. Many a times the original/editable files for building design may be unavailable from BCA or HDB.

Advantages of CAD Conversion over Raster File (Scanned Drawings)

Besides being editable the output file size is smaller and available in the format of your choice (DWG, DXF, etc). With a vectorised conversion the other notable advantages are –

  • Drawing is dimensionally accurate, with no distortions due to the scanning process or warping of paper
  • Multiple layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, centrelines and so on
  • Option to use of your layer standards or reference drawings for drafting the AutoCAD files
  • Blocks for different entities (like doors, windows, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, furniture, etc.)
  • Guarantee of 99.99% accuracy in the final output

Below are samples of Conversion Work Done for Clients. Hover on the images to see the converted output – 

AutoCAD Services at iZAPS

Being a printing and digitizing service provider since many years iZAPS offers CAD drafting as well as conversion services to businesses in Singapore. We use either auto-vectorization software or redraw it in DWG depending on current state and quality of output needed.
For Paper to AutoCAD conversion after scanning the line drawings, our expert draftsmen manually re-trace the drawings or blueprints. Thereafter we pass it through a QC process to maintain high accuracy and completeness of the digitised output.


Procedure for Drafting & Conversion Services

To make it easy & hassle-free for our customers we have setup a streamlined flow with the following steps –

  • Submission of Drawings in hard or soft copy via email to
  • Get Quotation from iZAPS
  • Job Confirmation & Payment by Customer
  • Scanning of documents (if hard copy)
  • Conversion or Drafting by our Draftsman
  • Delivery of work in 2D Working File
  • Amendments or Revisions (if needed)


Price Range for our Services

Below is our indicative pricing. Exact amount with bulk discounts (if any) will be quoted upon receiving full details –

  • Size A0 S$178
  • Size A1 S$150
  • Size A2 S$126
  • Size A3 S$102
  • Size A4 S$78

We are happy to offer a FREE Trial so that customers have the peace of mind before going ahead with the full project.


Time Required

We normally require 2 working days to convert the drawing to CAD.

For timely, accurate manual conversion of existing plans and paper sketches into AutoCAD drawings, get in touch!