Scanning Services

In the context of printing, Scanning means to convert a hardcopy into a softcopy. A scanner is used for this process. Digitization or Archiving are other terms used instead of scanning. These processes help to save all kinds of documents, old or new into the computer for future use and it keeps a person updated with records.

Scanning does not take much of time to do but it should be done accurately because even if document is clear and it’s not placed properly, scanning will not be done properly. Therefore, the papers which have to be scanned need to be clear and placed properly on the scanner.

Scanning saves a lot of time as the document is saved on the computer and it can be easily accessed to.


Benefits and Use of Scanning

Machine for DigitizationScanning has a lot of benefits related to documents, images, line drawings and so on. By scanning, a lot of space is available and work can be done in a more pleasant way, wastage of paper decreases as everything gets saved on the computer, it provides security to all important documents, deleted information can be restored back, all the information is organised and saved in different files which makes it easy to search for. It is cost effective and efficient.


Range and Types of Scanning Services

Everyone wants to scan and keep their documents or even photos save so that it can be used or seen later when needed. There is a variety of scanning available depending on what needs to be scanned.

Document Scanning: Imaging a document is another way to refer to document scanning. An office, a company or any other official place have a lot of documents and keeping so many papers means confusion is there. Therefore, scanning of documents are done so that all records are kept, it is easily available, and when its needed it can be found in that specific file on the computer.

Imaging Bulk Scanning: This is alike document scanning but it is a biography scan of a person which contains their name, and age verification. This kind of scanning is mostly done in clubs, casinos, party night clubs, pubs and so on.

Photo Scanning: Photographs are something everyone wants for memories. A person into photography will have a lot of photos to keep and keeping albums consumes space. Therefore all photos are scanned and saved so later it can be viewed and memories can be recalled.

Plan Scanning: Architecture has plenty of paper work due to their artwork and all. Therefore they use this kind of scanning so that their artwork is saved and can be seen or used when needed and all the papers are save on the computer.

Large Format Scanning: All large prints like blur-prints, posters, banners, drawings, big documents, and more can be scanned and saved on the computer.

Black & White Scanning: This is a hand-sketched drawing which is only black and white. When this is scanned, it remains the same on the grey scale and clarity increases on the original copy of the drawing.

Large Flatbed Scanning: These are large scanners which take really huge documents or even books. After scanning the documents get a high quality resolution on the computer.


Scanning Services At iZAPS

At iZAPS, all the types of scanning like Document Scanning, Photo Scanning, Imaging Bulk Scanning, Large Format Scanning, Black & White Scanning, Large Flatbed Scanning, and Plan Scanning is provided and it is done in a very well-mannered way. You give us the hardcopy and within two to three days we give you the softcopy in your hands which will have all your documents secured.


How to submit your documents for Scanning

  1. Use to Order Form to get an estimate
  2. Call us and one of our representative will come down for a quick review of your check on your documents
  3. We will provide you with the final quote
  4. You will need to confirm the the quote and we will come down to collect your documents
  5. After the scanning project is done, all records will be given back to you together with your documents on a CD-ROM
  6. Payment will be collected upon the return of all materials



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