Photocopy, Print & Miscellaneous Services

Photocopy is a term mainly heard or used with regards to printing. Common synonyms of the word photocopy include Xerox or Xerox copy or ZAP.

Photocopy itself means another copy of a document, any printed or hand written material, which is an exact replica to the original one.

Having a photocopy of any document means security to the original one. Most places ask for a photocopy of your document rather than the original so that it does not get misplaced and a photocopy can be given so that the original is not asked again and again.

Time is not wasted when it comes to photocopy. In a few minutes the photocopy is in your hands, but the original copy should be clear and visible otherwise the copy might get pixelated.

Why Photocopy

Photocopy is a way to get multiple copies of one single document without any delay and it is cost effective. The photocopy can be either black or white or full-colour. Any kind of size can be photocopied. It even gives a double-sided print and the function of a photocopy is very quick and effective.

Types of Photocopying Services

Depending on where the document is needed and for what, a photocopy can be done both in colour or black & white. Even for books and magazines, both these type of photocopy can be done.

Digital and Offset photocopy is available but there is a difference. In digital, it may be expensive but the turn out time is short while in offset, it is cheap but the turn out time is much longer and that takes about 2 weeks.


Photocopy & Miscellaneous Services At iZAPS

cutting, folding and punching

iZAPS can help with all the types of photocopying. Colour or Black & White, done either with digital or even offset. All kinds of sizes from A4 to A0 is available. Depending to what the customer wants, the price is quoted for single sided and is double sided is required then the price becomes 2x. For large formats – A2, A1, and A0 sizes are applicable for architectural and structural drawings only. For non auto-feed like books and magazines, extra charge will be there.

Other services like hole punching, stapling, cutting, folding, and cutting by hand are done according to the amount of sheets required. Within a day your bulk photocopy will be processed and given in your hands without any extra charge.

How to Order

Here’s how to go about placing your Order –

  1. You may bring your material in a softcopy or even in hardcopy. We will have a quick review of your material and discuss if any changes need to be made
  2. The price list is available on online order form on this web page
  3. After the photocopy is done, all documents will be given back to you together with your original material
  4. Payment will be collected with the return of all materials
  5. Other manual services like hole punching, stapling, cutting, cutting by hands, and folding are available upon request at nominal charges

Digital & Offset Printing

Quick turn around of short run prints or high volume quality printing, we are happy to help