Banner Printing

Commonly found in public places to create awareness, a Banner is usually a long strip of material which used to present graphic images bearing a slogan or design that announces the name or identity of a company or an event. Advertising using banners is very common and available in different forms and sizes.

Banner printing is done using digital printing format and can be created within a day or two. Indoor banners can be glossy to attract customers, however, outdoor banners are usually matt.  This is because if light falls on them and reflects, it becomes difficult for the audience to view it.

Benefits and Use of Banners

Banners are an ideal means to send out your message to the audience so that they know about the company and its products. Banners are the best way for promotion as it is an easy and the most effective method to spread information about the product. Banners can be hung using either Eyelets (using cable ties) or Pockets (using poles so that they are sturdier).

Banners can have wording designs or graphics according to the customer needs. There is no specific shape or size because it is made according to where it has to be placed and how it should be noticed. There is no permanent installation therefore, it can be setup anywhere, according to ones convenience.

Range and Styles of Banners

It is confusing to choose the right banner and to display it. All kinds of banners have specific application according to their style, size, shape, and placements. There are different categories of banners, with their description below, it is easy to understand and choose the right banner.

Standing Banners

Pull-Up Banners: it is known as roll-up or pop-up banners in other words. They are versatile and can be adapted anywhere and are portable which can be taken anywhere easily. This is mostly used in indoors especially in exhibitions, showrooms, offices, lobbies, hall way, so that people look at them and acknowledge them.

Vinyl Banners: These are flexible, portable banners which can be taken to places without much of hard work. These are mostly used outdoors because its effect is best is seen more prominently. It is digitally printed and full colour printed. It is applied for special offers, during workshops, exhibitions, and art galleries.

Banner Stands: Retractable banners are another name for banner stands. If an event or exhibition has to be set up, banner stands are the easiest set up as there is no stress of putting it up or taking it back down. This work has patience as no time gets wasted in this. There is a spectacular range of sizes and it doesn’t cost much. They are versatile, therefore according to one consideration and desire, ranges are provided.

Outdoor Banners: These banners are strong, sturdy and can resist any kind of climatic condition. The print quality is just excellent and can come in any size as per the requirements. It is very light and can be handled very easily. More than it being an outside decoration, it is an attraction for the customers to acknowledge their existence.

PVC Banners: Also called Flex Banners, they are economically the cheapest but their duration lasts for a very long time. These are mostly used for outside hangings on fences or against benches for birthday wishes, health organization benefits, and for advertising information.

Cloth Banners: Fabric banners is another name for it. It’s most for outside use and it has a matte finish on it. Even after being washed, it will not wrinkle, shape will not change, it will still remain light weighted, and the colour will not has a full-colour print on it. It can be folded to ones convenience.

X-Stand Banner: these are light weight, portables, versatile and is very easy to set up. At the back of the banner, there are rods which are in the form of X and these are connect to one main stand. These are mostly used in schools for their annual days.


Banner Printing At iZAPS

iZAPS delivers high impact, high quality PCV banners at very affordable rates from $2.80 per square foot (include printing & finishing). Our state-of-the-art banner printing technology is perfect for signage, trade shows and events.

Need a poster to display during your product launch, road show or exhibition, just simply bring down your art work in a soft copy, we will produce it within one working day.

Standard services offered in our office currently include:

  • High-Quality Digital Color Printing
  • Low-Cost Digital B/W Printing
  • Large-Format Printing
  • Design and Print plus Install
  • Service Customized for you


How to Order Banners

Here’s how to go about placing your Order –

  1. Provide us with your design or artwork in pdf form either at our shop or via email to
  2. You will need to confirm the design and confirm for ‘PRINT’
  3. Order will be executed
  4. Once your order is ready, we will email you
  5. Collect your order and make payment

Large Format Printing

We provide unbeatable image quality & colour reproduction in wide format customised to your needs