Company Stamp Maker

A Company Stamp is also known as a Company Seal. It is used by companies when a law is passed, a contract is confirmed or when a deed is signed. This shows that the business entity has acknowledged and agreed with the transaction. Even Share Certificates have a company stamp on it. The stamp or seal is made from wax or else ink. The stamp is placed in them n then imprinted on paper.


Benefits and Use of Stamps

Company stamps are quality guaranteed, environmental friendly, gel system production and has a clear imprint. It is produced in high quality materials for regular usage. From Small to Extra-large size, stamps are available of all sizes. All shapes ranging from rectangle, triangle, circular to oval can be used often with a wide range of texts. Some stamps even have an ink pad with them and some stamps can be easily carried anywhere without leaking.


Range and Styles of Stamps

company stampThere is a large scale of varieties regarding to stamps ranging from Rubber Stamps to Self-inking Stamps and they are all in different shapes and sizes. When a stamp is pressed against any paper its copy right comes on it and it can be in rectangle, oval, circle, square, and even hexagon.

Printer standard, dater, classic, expert line, heavy duty, office line, pocket stamp, DIY stamp, ink pad and ink, band stamp, stock stamp, rubber stamp, seal and wax seal, and personalized stamps. These are all the different stamps used for different purposes.


Stamp Making at iZAPS

At iZAPS, we are the pioneer in producing pre-inked Gel Stamp. These stamps come with a lifetime warranty (except consumables or wrong usage of stamp).

We provide all these stamps when an order is placed to us and within a few days we can give it to you.


How to Order Stamps

  1. Provide us with your design or artwork in pdf form either at our shop or via email to
  2. We will do up the artwork for you and you will need to confirm the design and confirm for ‘PRINT’
  3. Order will be executed
  4. Once your order is ready, we will email you
  5. Collect your order and make payment

Digital & Offset Printing

Quick turn around of short run prints or high volume quality printing, we are happy to help